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One-stop Source of Managed Services from a Prime Vendor of Systems for the Securities Industry

As an expert in mission-critical systems for the securities industry, NSTec's greatest strength is its ability to deliver 24x7 one-stop services that extend from the upstream activities of planning and design through to development, operations, and maintenance.

We draw on the latest IT and our securities industry know-how built up over many years, working alongside customers to offer comprehensive services that cover everything from building systems that overcome the challenges they face through to operational support.

We also supply IT services that meet the requirements of financial institutions.

One-stop managed services from NSTec

One-stop managed services backed up by trust and proven results

Know-how built up by working with customers

We work alongside not only the IT department but also user departments, participating from the business investigation stage considering things like industry trends and market changes. We have built up experience and know-how that can help with operational improvement.

A customer's perspective fostered through business experience acquired through personnel exchanges

We run a personnel exchange program with Mizuho Securities. In addition to gaining a customer's perspective through the experience of working at a securities company, issues and improvements acquired through close communication provide feedback to system development.

Skills of securities industry SEs passed on through qualifications and practice

In addition to requiring staff to gain "gaimuin" securities trading certification (which covers the regulatory requirements and other special knowledge needed for dealing in financial products) to improve their specialist skills, NSTec also uses on-the-job system implementation training to produce securities industry SEs who are conversant in both the commercial and IT aspects of their work.

Robust IT governance combining wide variety of personnel and knowledge

Robust IT governance (control and monitoring using IT) is essential to ensure that system development and operation and maintenance services are secure and reliable. We help customers deal with IT governance, drawing not only on knowledge held by people with experience in system development and operations, but also that of staff with qualifications in things like system auditing and information security.

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