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UC Solution

We offer the mission critical IT solution with full-line support.

Package products

IP Phone System
The IP Phone Manager application offers control of the telephone terminal from the users' PC


Securities business solution

Financial System

  • Order contract
  • Securities management
  • Clientele audit
  • Clientele information
  • Compliance

Information System

  • Analysis of securities
  • Corporate information
  • Business support / management
  • CRM

Internet Trade

Fiduciary Estate Management System

Front System

  • Dealing system
  • External connection

System platform
Object Orientation Development, UNIX, Linux, Windows, Weblogic, MQseries, .net, JAVA(J2EE, Swing), C++, VB, Oracle, Sybase, wide area Ethernet, IP-VPN, IP-Phone, Video on Demand, CTI, JP1, Senju, Unicenter, Security technology ( Mentioned company name, product name are each style of a firm, brand or registered trademarks. )

Consulting - Planning / Designing

Consulting - Planning / Designing

Systems engineers have securities sales representative license and IT exam qualification. Understanding your securities business process is vital to developing the right solution and achieving results through advanced IT solution.

Following the initial consultation stage they will recommend the right financial solution for your business and how it will be integrated.

Our consultation process may include:

  • Reviewing your securities business problems
  • Developing and recommending the best solution for your business
  • Reviewing the implementation and continually monitoring performance
Software development - Infrastructure development

Software development - Infrastructure development

We accumulate the knowledge of various computer languages and servers technologies and database technologies.

Our development process may include:

  • Optimisation of software and resources
  • Procurement or development of hardware and middleware resources
  • Detailed technical specifications
System operation - twenty-four-hour control

System operation - twenty-four-hour control

System operation - twenty-four-hour control We are monitoring mission-critical system in our earthquake-proof intelligent building for 24 hours with high safety and reliability.

Our monitoring process may include:

  • C/S systems
  • Online transactions
  • Network failures
  • Security management
  • Detailed technical specifications
  • User environments